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Whatever It Takes And Then Some July 2018 winners

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Keith Screen, director of rehab services at Heritage Healthcare in West Lafayette, Indiana, stepped in to help the business office when the department’s air conditioning broke down. While they waited for the unit to be replaced, Screen set up a makeshift a/c unit with a tub filled with ice and a fan attached to it...

Heritage Healthcare participates in Senior Games 2018

Bernard Eisert participates in bingo.

From June 11-15, several residents from Heritage Healthcare in West Lafayette, Indiana, took part in the 2018 Senior Games

The mission of the Senior Games is to encourage physical and mental activity. Each June, approximately 600 individuals age 50 and older from within an eight-county area come together to participate in friendly competitions...

Heritage Healthcare patients create dollhouse in rehab

The front of the dollhouse

Rehab patients at Heritage Healthcare in West Lafayette, Indiana, recently completed a wooden dollhouse project. 

It all started when a patient with cancer was looking for a project to enjoy, and the mother of Keith Screen, director of rehab, donated a kit to the facility....

Resident at Heritage Healthcare enjoys Purdue game with mayor

Resident John Mitchell with Mayor Roswarski

On Feb. 26, 2017, John Mitchell, a resident at Heritage Healthcare in West Lafayette, Indiana, enjoyed a Purdue women’s basketball game with Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski.

Mitchell and Mayor Roswarski have been friends for approximately 20 years. Mitchell suffers from muscular dystrophy, and the friends met while volunteering to help fundraise for the Muscular Dystrophy Association...